As stated in probably a lot of areas on this website, I am an amateur photographer with a passion in taking photos. Anything posted here such be taken as such, advice and thoughts from a developing photographer. You’ll probably find better stuff from the fro himself because he’s awesome.

Anyways, how rude, where’s an introduction. I’m August, I’m a double major in computer science and information technology, so I suppose that’s not really helping this field. I started off taking photos of cool things on trips with my iPhone camera. Back when I thought a wide angle lens on an iPhone 5 was the coolest thing ever. However now, I’ve advanced into carrying around 5 pounds of camera with me everywhere I go. I can’t say it’s much of an improvement in any category except for the photo quality. And damn, does the photo quality look good.

This is my new blog, I don’t have much plans for this, so maybe don’t expect a ton.